Our Process

Regardless if you want to be proactive or if you have an immediate machine safety concern, we have a process to fit your need. All of our services are designed to deliver cost effective injury prevention and to maximize your productivity.

Performing a Machine Safeguarding Assessment

Performing a Machine Safeguarding Assessment

How Our Services Work Together For You

Performing a Machine Safeguarding Assessment

How We Work with You

  1. Understand what the risk is:
    Do you need to get a work order lifted, make a machine safer, or easier to maintain, or not sure where to start?

  2. Determine who we need to work with:
    We will work with all the relevant stakeholders from machine operators to senior management and external bodies.

  3. Go where the risk is:
    We work onsite – not out of our offices. We work on the shop floor with the machines and personnel that need our expertise.

  4. Perform the risk assessment:
    Assess the machine to determine and quantify all the hazards.

  5. Prioritize:
    What must you do? What should you do? What could you do?

  6. Provide safety solutions:
    Solutions need to work in your environment. We're not theorists – we're real shop floor engineers. We solve real world problems with practical solutions.

  7. Assist you with implementation of our solutions:
    You can choose to do your own work; we can connect you with one of our qualified contractors or help your own team. Our job isn't complete with a report – it's complete when all of your risks have been reduced or eliminated.

A solution that does not work with your production process is not a safe solution. The right solution must be safe and productive. We don't believe in quick fixes. We bring permanent, productivity-enhancing SOLUTIONS to your business.

Past Successes

“WESguard provides a framework that simplifies the process for assessing machine hazards and performing risk assessments.  The workflow is neatly organized and helps ensu...

Risk assessments made easy.
The #1 factor in an effective machine safety program.
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