Westman Group

“WESguard provides a framework that simplifies the process for assessing machine hazards and performing risk assessments.  The workflow is neatly organized and helps ensure you are assessing all the requirements.  You can manage action items in such a way that doesn’t require multiple meetings to get an update on where people are at with their assigned items.  Program administrators have easy access to current state and any outstanding action items.”

Warren Clark , CRSP, CES 
Health and Safety Manager 

westman group

Rapko Machine


As a machine builder and designer it was a great help to me to have Workplace Engineering involved in my machine building process. They came on board with me at the design stage and assessed the risks that the machine would have before I began building and got too far into the design. From past experience I know that this would save me a lot of time, money, and work in correcting things after they have already been designed and built.

As the machine was being built I called upon them with questions and found them to be very helpful in finding solutions. After the machine was completed they did an assessment at the plant where it was installed. They also gave me a full report of all the safety assessments that they had recommended and how they had been implemented. This I was able to forward to my customer which gave them peace of mind as well.

Working with Kristin and Mike of Workplace was easy and affordable. I found them to be helpful, professional, and friendly. Bringing them on board as part of my machine building process has greatly reduced the amount of time and research required by us in building a safe machine for our customers. Having a third-party do the assessment on our machines gives us and our customers peace of mind.


Patrick Rapko

Rapko Machine

JELD-WEN Windows and Doors

Workplace Engineering Solutions’ machine hazard audit provided us with our baseline information and allowed us to establish our priorities in a concise and organized manner. We posted the information for all of our employees to view so that there was transparency of the established priorities that had been set in addition to openly communicating the findings of an independent third party analysis. When audited by a regulatory agency we are now able to demonstrate that we are on the right path and that we are able to prevent costly changes in priorities while maintaining focus on the highest hazards in an effort to keep all of our employees safe in the workplace.


Rob Quinto
Safety Facilitator
JELD-WEN Windows and Doors


Thanks so much for all your help, you certainly provided us a valuable service.  I feel so much more confident about our safety levels now.  It’s nice to have that reassurance that you’re taking care of your employees! 

I’ve recommended your company to others as well and will continue to do so as this field of safety policies is daunting with little room for error! You need a honest, trustworthy guide to steer you through.


Stephanie Roehr
Director of Operations


Monarch Industries


The WESGuard, web application for machine guarding is a beneficial tool to add to any safety management system. Whether your company has only a few machines, or several hundred, having a structured means to access the level of risk to your workers is significant.

The web application enables the user to identify hazards, score the level of risk, provide recommended corrective actions, and assign responsibility for each action. The premise is not only to assess and score risk but also to measure and manage improvement. A feature that I particularly like about the app is at a glance I can see what machines still require action and how much risk has been reduced overall.


Wayne Brylikowski
Health & Safety Manager
Monarch Industries Ltd.

monarch logo

Learn more about WESguard at www.wesguard.ca

Carlson Engineered Composites

When transparency, honesty and competency meet, you know that you are in good hands. Our partnership with Mike and Kristin has been solid and very beneficial for Carlson.

Dieter Loewen
CEO, Carlson Engineered Composites

Meridian Manufacturing Inc - Lethbridge, AB


I had an extremely exceptional experience working with Kristin. We were left with some confusion of not knowing which direction to go from a previous company on a guarding project on some of our equipment. I contacted Kristin to help us move in the right direction and she was able to define our scope of work for our several pieces of machinery to get our guarding done properly and in compliance with CSA Standards. Kristin is very knowledgeable, reliable, dedicated and worked well with our team while working on this project. I recommend Workplace Engineering Solutions to any company who is looking for safeguarding on their equipment.

Danielle Cardinal
Health & Safety Coordinator
Meridian Manufacturing Inc.

Magellan Aerospace


“Magellan has been working closely with Workplace Engineering Solutions for a few years to upgrade the guarding on all of our equipment. Mike and Kristin take the time to talk with operators and understand how we use each machine in order to recommend the best possible guarding solution for us. The safeguarding assessment is the key factor that makes our guarding program a success, as it ensures the end result is a safe machine with guards that work with our production. Mike and Kristin are knowledgeable, experienced and we enjoy working with them.”

Kirk Smith

Magellan Aerospace




Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT)

Workplace Engineering Solutions provided us with a critical equipment inventory. This allowed us to define and prioritise how we were going to add or increase safety guarding to dozens of pieces of equipment used throughout numerous industries and professions. With the help of Mike and Kristin, we could confidently work with suppliers to purchase the right type of guarding to ensure legislative requirements and the safety of our staff and students. If you need to guard equipment, save the headache and call Workplace Engineering Solutions first.



Jason Mahon, Safety & Security Coordinator –Manitoba Institute of Trades & Technology (MITT)


Modern Tool Ltd.

Workplace Engineering Solutions was a great help to us during the sale of a large piece of fabricating equipment to a local company.

From providing us with advice before the machine was built to the detailed report they provided after inspecting the finished machine, was instrumental to facilitate compliance to CSA Z432-04 specifications.

Brian Kennedy

Branch Manager


modern tool



Workplace Engineering Solutions did a fantastic job in providing JRS with a Critical Equipment Inventory Assessment.  Mike and Kristin were knowledgeable, friendly, approachable to shop staff, and professional at every step of the process.  The detailed report out given to the Management Team after the Assessment was complete was key in driving home the importance of both the Assessment itself, but the need for a proactive roadmap for us moving forward as well.  We here at JRS look forward to maintaining a positive, constructive, and long lasting business relationship with Workplace Engineering Solutions moving forward.

Johnny Bowler

Lean Facilitator

Health and Safety Officer



Acrylon Plastics

We have worked with Workplace Engineering Solutions on several projects. They helped us better understand CSA requirements in order to comply with an improvement order.  Additionally, we also had them design and install several custom machine guards to improve safety on machines.  They were very easy to deal with and offered several different solutions to achieve compliance.


Neil Neufeld

Acrylon Plastics


Celtic Industrial Tools & Repair Ltd.

Workplace Engineering was the first company I found that was familiar with the CSA Z432-04 standard. They were able to help us with the standard on imported machinery, ensuring we secured a critical sale. Communication was fantastic, and I look forward to working with them again soon.


Sean Walker

Sales Manager

Celtic Industrial Tools & Repair Ltd.

Champ Industries

“ We hired Workplace Engineering Solutions to perform machine guarding assessments on our equipment.  We were happy with the work and saw the benefits of following their process and getting them involved."


Ad van Dijk
Maintenance Co-Ordinator
Champ Industries

champ industries

Behlen Industries

My experiences working with Mike and Kristin have been exceptional.  They are very knowledgeable, and extremely proficient in finding answers to questions I have brought to them. I’ve found them to be more than willing to provide any assistance they can.  There work is quite thorough, and clearly defines the scope of the work required to address the issues at hand.  I would highly recommend Workplace Engineering Solutions for any equipment safeguarding needs.


Warren Clark, CRSP, CES
Health and Safety Manager
BEHLEN Industries

Behlen Industries


New Flyer Industries

"I would like to thank you for your services. It was a pleasure to work with your team to have our safety issues addressed on our new designed unloading table for one of our tube lasers. Your quick response and dedication was very much appreciated by our team here at New Flyer."

Juste Masabarakiza, EIT
Manufacturing Engineering

New Flyer

VAW Systems Noise Control

Workplace Engineering Solutions provided us with Machine Guarding Compliance reports detailing our compliance with machine guarding standards and offering productive and cost effective solutions. These reports outlined the remediation that needed to be done, and Workplace Engineering Solutions worked with us to help complete these. They completed this remediation on time and within the budget given.

Duane Froome
Production Manager

VAW Systems

Buhler Industries, Inc.

“Workplace Engineering Solutions provided a complete assessment service, clearly outlined what needed to be done, designed and installed the remediation and participated in communication to help to lift our work order.  Farm King saved money on the overall remediation by determining the best solution through the safeguarding review process.”


Tracy Hill
Buhler Corporate Safety & Health Officer


Royal Canadian Mint

"Workplace Engineering Solutions have been able to provide very thorough Pre-Start Safety Reviews for new equipment and work cells.  The reports specifically identify what needs attention to ensure compliance against a Standard and Legislation as well as suggestions for best practice improvement.  They have also been involved in the development of new Lock Out Guidelines that includes very easy to use visual instructions for individual pieces.  Part of the Lock Out Guidelines included the development of a Training Program for users which we are looking forward to rolling out with their assistance.  Their end product is very practical and user friendly."

Donna McTaggart Carlson, CRSP
Health and Safety Coordinator
Royal Canadian Mint

Royal Canadian Mint

Paramount Windows and Doors Inc.

“We had an excellent experience with Workplace Engineering Solutions. Mike and Kristin are knowledgeable and professional and we received excellent value on the service provided. They presented us with a number of solutions that would fit both our safety needs and our budget. We look forward to maintaining a strong business relationship with Workplace Engineering Solutions.”  

Chris Mussell
Plant Manager
Paramount Windows and Doors Inc.

Paramount Windows & Doors

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