Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Rapko Machine


As a machine builder and designer it was a great help to me to have Workplace Engineering involved in my machine building process. They came on board with me at the design stage and assessed the risks that the machine would have before I began building and got too far into the design. From past experience I know that this would save me a lot of time, money, and work in correcting things after they have already been designed and built.

As the machine was being built I called upon them with questions and found them to be very helpful in finding solutions. After the machine was completed they did an assessment at the plant where it was installed. They also gave me a full report of all the safety assessments that they had recommended and how they had been implemented. This I was able to forward to my customer which gave them peace of mind as well.

Working with Kristin and Mike of Workplace was easy and affordable. I found them to be helpful, professional, and friendly. Bringing them on board as part of my machine building process has greatly reduced the amount of time and research required by us in building a safe machine for our customers. Having a third-party do the assessment on our machines gives us and our customers peace of mind.


Patrick Rapko

Rapko Machine

Risk assessments made easy.
The #1 factor in an effective machine safety program.
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