Friday, April 19, 2013

IPAM April Breakfast Meeting - Safety & Protective Apparel



On April 12, IPAM held their monthly breakfast meeting where safety professionals from Manitoba meet to learn about relevant industry topics. This month featured a presentation about safety and protective apparel by Rafe Vogel from Richlu Manufacturing.  We learned about high visibility clothing and CSA Standard Z96-09.


 There are three classes of high visibility clothing:


  • Class 1 apparel consists of basic harness or stripes over the shoulders and encircling the waist. Class 1 apparel can be used when vehicles are travelling less than 40 km/hr.
  •  Class 2 apparel is full coverage of upper torso including the front, back, sides and shoulders. A change to the standard in 2009 requires that the minimum side coverage is 50%. Class 2 apparel should be used when vehicles are travelling between 40 – 80 km/hr.
  • Class 3 apparel consists of Class 2 apparel plus arm and leg bands. Class 3 apparel is required when vehicle speeds exceed 80 km/hr.

                          class 2 high visibility clothing


 Some additional requirements include:


  • Stripes shall create an “X” on the back and two vertical stripes extending from the shoulders on the front and a waist-level band. The distinction between the front and back pattern allows motorists to easily tell which direction people are facing.
  • Bands shall not be less than 50mm wide and gaps between the bands shall not exceed 50mm.
  • Acceptable fluorescent colours include yellow-green, orange-red and red. Acceptable bright colours include yellow-green and orange-red. Bright red is not acceptable.
  • Non-reflective patches or lettering cannot cover reflective stripes or bands.


 Further information about high visibility clothing and CSA Z96-09 can be found at




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