Monday, September 09, 2019

Company Spotlight: Canam Group

Canam Group is a fabricator of steel components used in construction projects and has been doing this work since 1961.  They take part in an average of 10,000 construction projects each year.  Their products and solutions are produced in plants all over North America.  We’ve had the privilege of working with them the last year and getting to know more about their commitment to safety.

We began in their Calgary plant with the WESguard service and now we are using WESguard in 6 of their plants in North America.  From our first work with them in the Calgary plant, the culture of getting all stake holders involved was evident.  During our visit, operations, maintenance, health and safety, human resources, and machine operators all were involved and gave us input as we reviewed the equipment.  This group involvement and sharing of information continued as we visited and worked with other plants in Mississauga, Point of Rocks, Jacksonville, Washington, and Buckeye.  Canam is a firm believer in Identify Hazards, Control Risks and then Avoid Incidents.  At each plant our job was made so much easier by this atmosphere.

What’s impressed us about Canam is the way they have developed a larger strategy for safety and sharing of information to make the task of reducing risk more effective and efficient.  Regular calls and sharing of best practices have helped them move forward and see results in improvement of machine safety.  WESguard has been there to work and support that effort.  Our goal was to ensure collaboration at each plant with the different departments, collaborate with us to ensure the actions from the audit are completed in the most effective and efficient manner, and finally to collaborate with the other plants to leverage solutions from one plant to help another.  Canam has made a strong commitment to safety and it shows in the results they have seen working on reducing risk.

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Monday, September 09, 2019

Proactive Safety Inspections

Recently we came across this blog by Lancaster Safety Consulting talking about proactive safety inspections. That's something we have always felt is an important part of a strong safety program. Take a look here:


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