Friday, October 27, 2017

Procurement Checklist

The procurement process should include:

1.   Specifying your local safeguarding requirements during the Request for Proposal (RFP) process,

2.   Review of safeguards proposed with machine and development of a risk assessment,

3.    Inclusion of all requirements in the purchase agreement and

4.    Assessment of all machine hazards and safeguarding controls during a final machine run-off prior to completing the installation process.  

Some detailed questions to ask to help review the safeguards:

1. What is the point of operation control, what is protecting the operators?

2. How can third parties interact with the equipment, what is protecting them?

3. What are the service, setup and cleaning tasks?  Do they require the safeguards to be bypassed?

4. Are the guards located at a safe distance taking into consideration the stopping time of the machine?

4. Are all safeguards run through a control reliable safety circuit?

5. Are all emergency stops red, mushroom style with a yellow background and self-latching?

This isn’t a complete list, every piece of equipment is different, this is a great starting point for the discussion.  Looking at purchasing a new piece of equipment?  Give us a call for a more detailed look at the proposal for safeguarding.


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