Thursday, October 15, 2015

Laser Systems on Press Brakes


Laser guarding systems are becoming a very popular method for guarding press brakes. In the right application, lasers can be installed with minimal impact on production methods and productivity. However, they are not perfect for every application, so when deciding on the best way to guard your press brake ensure that you perform a risk assessment and involve as many people as possible, especially the machine operator. Also, ensure to do your research and understand the limitations of lasers and some of the common weaknesses such as wavy or uneven parts. Once you have completed the previous steps and you have decided to install a laser guarding system, ensure that you understand the system requirements. It is not sufficient to simple purchase and install a laser system on your press brake, there are many other safeguards and features that must be in place for you to have a safety solution that meets CSA Z432 requirements. Unsure if you have a complete and compliant laser guarding system? Give us a call, we can help!

laser guarding system on press brake

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