Wednesday, May 15, 2019

NAOSH Week Success Story: Decor Cabinets

Décor Cabinets put on an amazing week of events of activities and speakers.  While we were at Décor we talked about machine audits using WESguard.  We looked at how risk assessments work and talked about an important concept of how to use the Hierarchy of Controls.

People often start at the bottom of the Hierarchy of Controls.  They start with Personal Protective Equipment.  If you know the Hierarchy of Controls, the effectiveness decreases as you move down the chart.  Why do we do that, because sometimes it’s the easiest solution to implement.  Someone is encountering a hazard, we want to protect them, and we want to do it quick.  Nothing wrong with this call to action, but sometimes in can lead to more work than we originally think.



But think of this cycle.  We get the PPE, now we need to size, train and upkeep the PPE.  We then write a procedure, that needs to be reviewed, trained, and signed off.  We get awareness stickers that wear off, and we devote resources to designing guards and other safeguarding item We make drawings and test and build prototypes.

What if we took the time to figure out if we can eliminate or substitute the hazard?  Then it is gone, and what do we need to do to sustain that?  Not much, just keep our risk assessment up to date.  Easier said then done sometimes, but worth the effort for the dramatic difference in effort to sustain.

Think about this the next time you tackle a problem.  Also check out


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