Monday, June 10, 2019

Asset Management Strongly Linked to Safety Culture

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We had the privilege of spending Friday with a wonderful group of asset management professions in Winnipeg and we were pleased to find that safety was a key topic that repeatedly came up in presentations and discussions throughout the day. PEMAC stands for “Plant Engineering Maintenance Association of Canada”, and is a not for profit association providing global leadership, education and certification in maintenance, reliability and asset management practices. They launched a Winnipeg chapter in 2017 and held their first event, the Asset Management Manitoba Summit (AMMS) to a sold-out crowd on Friday at the Viscount Gort. There were numerous presentations and panel discussions covering topics such as IOT, CMMS, supply chain, risk management and asset life cycle.

Kristin was invited to speak on a panel discussion about overcoming risks facing manufacturing companies along with Richard Reid (Supply Chain Management Association), Bob Latino (Reliability Center Inc), Rob Kalwarowsky (Rob’s Reliability Project) and Roma Thorlakson (Roma Thorlakson Executive Search). The discussion centred around managing risk through a proactive approach and focusing on soft skill development to aid in selling your priorities to upper management.

A proactive safety/maintenance/planning culture where current state is well-documented, priorities are identified, and action is taken not out of a forced necessity but out of a desire to be world-class will result in a strong business and a culture that values its people. In a competitive industry where the attraction and retention of good, qualified workers is imperative, centering your organization around valuing your employees is a necessity and will result in the most successful business model.

A strong theme throughout the discussion was the importance of being able to sell your ideas. In an environment where production and throughput are paramount, it can be difficult to take the time to be proactive in maintenance planning and risk reduction. However, we all know that by not taking that time now, you will set yourself up for failure in the long-term. Having the technical skills to know what needs to be done to maintain your assets is just as imperative as knowing how to sell those philosophies to the decision-makers. Growing your communication skills and using persuasive visual tools can help you achieve your goals.

The day rounded-off with a delicious dinner and comedic entertainment. We would like to thank PEMAC Winnipeg Chapter for an enjoyable day and look forward to seeing everyone at the next event.

Overcomming risks facing manufacturing companies

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