Friday, June 08, 2018

Summer Checklist 2018

An important concept in machine safeguarding is maintainability.  We can have all the safeguards in place for operators and third parties, but what of the employees that service the equipment?  Here are some items that can form a checklist to see how your equipment is safeguarded for maintainability and how it could be improved.

1.  Lubrication:  An important function to keep equipment running optimally.  Some equipment may have multiple lubrication points for different power transmission items.

CHECK: Are these lubrication points located near a hazard?  Could they be relocated away from the hazard zone to reduce risk but also allow lubrication while the machine is in operation?

2.  Worn Parts: Equipment can have belts and chains and other transmission devices to deliver power to the equipment.

CHECK: Are the parts to be serviced located behind guards?  Do these guards need to be removed often to reach these parts?  Are they secured and interlocked to allow ease of access and to ensure prevention of start-up until they are replaced?

3.  Root Cause Analysis:  Many problems can occur with equipment that can cause electrical panels to be opened and guards to be removed.

CHECK: Do you have a process in place to find root cause of failures?  Can you identify the root cause to rectify the problem and reduce the frequency of access needed to these hazard areas?

These are just some quick areas that can be discussed with the team.  Have any suggestions for items to check?  Post in the comments.

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