Monday, July 09, 2018

Best Machine Safety Tips


Task Based Risk Assessments: If you use tasks or activities to track your risk assessment, you can make sure all employees touching that equipment have been spoken too and all hazards they are exposed to have been recorded.

Risk Assessments Review:  Risk assessments can easily become out of date as processes and products change.  Set a frequency to review your risk assessments.  Instead of a blanket time period, suggest setting the frequency by a trigger (new employee, new product or new process) or by time periods depending on risk (high risk – yearly, medium risk – every 2 years, low risk – every 5 years)

Safe Work Procedures:  These are a requirements under legislation, but look to see if you have existing operating procedures, and they could be updated to have all the requirements of the safe work procedure.

Machine Specific Lockout:  You may have a plant policy for Lockout, but complicated equipment might need more detail.  Have a specific procedure for each machine.  Outline the energy sources, the procedures and the verification procedure.  Use lots of pictures.

Training on Hazard Identification:  For risk assessments to be effective, you need contribution from your workforce.  Train them on all the types of hazards (Electrical, Mechanical) they may encounter and examples of them (Entanglement, Crush, Pinch, Struck by)

Training Plans:  Have a plan for each employee that includes the above items.  The onboarding process could be a checklist of each item being reviewed with them.  Practical training could be a lockout demonstration and hazard identification test.

Inspections:  Once all of these items are in place, incorporate them into your inspections.  A preventative maintenance inspection should include all safeguarding devices. 

Testing:  All safeguarding devices should be tested.  Some are tested as part of the safety circuit, note that and document it in the safe work procedure.  For others, determine the testing frequency.

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