Monday, January 14, 2019

Risk Reduction Exercise

Here are some questions you can ask about risk, and here is what those answers can tell you.

1. What is the major hazard they will encounter in this task?

The first issue we encounter in risk assessments is that the operator may not even be aware of the hazards.  Being aware of the hazards is the first step in risk reduction because you can’t reduce risk from hazards when they are completely unknown.

2. What is the severity of injury if they come into contact with that hazard?

An operator may not even know the consequences of contacting the hazard with a body part.  They may think a bruise or abrasion when it could be a crush or amputation.  Not knowing the consequences causes operators to sometimes take unnecessary risks like removing a guard.

3. How easily do they think they can avoid that hazard?

Let’s find out if its just training and knowledge that keeps them from the hazard.  If they feel confident in this answer, ask them if a new or young worker with no knowledge of the first two questions could avoid that hazard.

This exercise will give you an idea of where you stand with risk.  You’ll know whether operators know the risks, what the consequences are, and what controls are in place.  If they can’t answer these questions, we need to get started on this process.

What can you do next?  Start with risk assessments.  Try a WESguard free trail

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