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Monday, January 15, 2018

Help with Risk Assessments

A risk assessment is a way to assign a quantity to an estimation of risk.  It lets you clearly state the assumptions and uncertainties that are involved with a process.  This is helpful in determining what level of control is needed to mitigate that risk.  Risk can never be zero, but we constantly work to make it a manageable or level of acceptable risk.

When we complete a risk assessment, the important considerations are:

1.       What are the activities and tasks being performed?

2.       What are the hazards associated with those tasks, what is the cause of that hazard?

3.       We want to assign a value to the severity of injury from that hazard.

4.       We want to assign a value to frequency of exposure to that hazard.

5.       We want to assign a value to the probability of avoidance to that hazard.

There is no set system for how those values are determined.  Its important that its defined and understood by all the scorers.  In many systems the severity drives the scoring and could have higher values as the consequences escalate.

If we have done that, still some work remains.

6.       What are the current controls for those hazards?

7.       What are the values for severity, frequency and avoidance when those controls are in place?

With all of this, we have a better picture of the risk associated with a process or piece of equipment.  With that due diligence in front of us, as we set down the path.

If you would like to have some help, please see our offer in our newsletter and contact us.

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