Thursday, January 12, 2017

Improving Safety Through Innovation


We came across a really neat video the other day which is a perfect example of using innovation to protect workers with engineered controls instead of relying on awareness and administrative controls. We thought it was fitting since we just talked in our last blog about the importance of working from the top of the hierarchy of controls. The product is called a Safety Zone Calf Catcher and it allows farmers to cage calves out in the field to perform processing tasks (tagging, branding, etc). During the entire process, the farmer is able to stay either on an ATV or inside a cage, fully protecting them from the potentially angry and aggressive mothers. The state of safety in the farming industry has been in the news lately due to its continued high rate of safety incidents and deaths. It is impressive to see a new, innovative product in this industry that is centred around the use of engineered controls to protect workers. It is a huge win when we can make a process safer by reducing our reliance on safe work practices (don't mis-read this, we're not suggesting eliminating safe work practices, just reducing our reliance on them). As we discussed in our last blog, if you take the time to consider new ideas and think outside the box you have a chance to drastically reduce risk to your workers. If you want help developing engineered controls to protect your workers, give us a call!

Watch the video here.

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