Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Becoming a Machine Safety Expert

Becoming a machine safety expert seems daunting at first, that maybe its too technical for the average person, that maybe there is just too much to know.  But here are some keys to helping become a machine safety expert.

1.       Know the Standards and Regulations:  Its important to know what the standards and regulations that apply to you are.  If you are working to bring equipment up to compliance you need to know.  But more importantly, if you know what they are, you can make sure new machines come compliant.  Put the onus on the supplier to make sure they are compliant.

2.       Know how to do a risk assessment:  This is one of the most important skills in machine safety expertise, and anyone can do a risk assessment with some training.  It’s the due diligence needed to ensure that the machine safety plan is solid.

3.       Know the hierarchy of controls:  Know what controls fit into each category.  Know which ones are the most effective.  We often see controls selected that are not adequate for the risk.

4.       Know how to design and implement controls:  This is where the CSA Z432-16 standard becomes very valuable.  Once you have selected a control (like a light curtain).  The standard helps establish the design and implementation rules for that device.

5.       Know how to manage your machine safety system: Nothing can be more frustrating than putting all the safeguards in place, then checking back in a week, and they are all on the floor.  Training and Inspections are important tools to ensure things stay in place.

6.       Get help when you need it:  No one can know everything.  Even we get help sometimes.  If you have a risk assessment done, it can focus that help to ensure you are wasting money getting help with things you already know. 

 Contact us anytime info@workengsolutions.ca or check out www.wesguard.ca/freetrial to see what we can do to help make you a machine safety expert.

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