Monday, February 27, 2017

Why Apps?

We get asked this question a lot: "You developed an app for machine safety? What made you think of doing that?". Our answer is usually comprised of the multitude of benefits that it provides to our clients: 
  • Easier collaboration within companies,
  • Accessible when at your desk, in a meeting or on the shop floor,
  • Real-time updates,
  • Track and show improvements,
  • Quick to find information using searches, filters and sorts.
We can go on and on, but the main point that sums it all up is:

The OHS Canada article "There's an App for That: Workplace Safety Apps" by Jeff Cottrill does a great job of exploring what's out there for safety apps and why everyone is jumping on board.
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Friday, February 10, 2017

Customer Spotlight: Monarch Industries - Getting Excited About Risk Reduction

The right attitude is one of the best ways to spur employee involvement and gather support for safety improvements. Monarch Industries is a glowing example of what can be accomplished when you get people excited for the right reasons. We were so blown away by the improvements they have made in a short period that we wanted to share their success with you.

Monarch Industries has two facilities, one on Burmac Road in Winnipeg and the other in Winkler, Manitoba. The Burmac Facility was one of the first companies to start using WESguard last summer. Since then, they have made tremendous improvements to their risk score by installing point of operation guards on their lathes, milling machines and drill presses, removing old equipment that they no longer use and even finding ways to eliminate hazards on assembly processes. They have reduced their overall facility risk level from 708 to 550, a 22% improvement in only six months. The graph below, taken from WESguard shows their risk improvement.

WESguard graph

In December, we brought the Winkler Facility into WESguard and finished their audit in the beginning of January. We got a call from them 2 weeks later, asking if we could help them to rescore some of their equipment because they had already completed the recommendations from the audit. We were shocked when we arrived onsite to see what they had managed to accomplish in only a couple weeks. They had completed the audit recommendations on over ten machines, reducing their risk score from 629 to 565, a 10% improvement!

WESguard graph

We asked them how they managed to complete so much in such a short time-frame. Their response was - we take the safety of our employees very serious and WE WANT TO BEAT BURMAC! They had started an internal competition to see who could obtain the largest % Improvement factor between the sites. It was exhilarating to see the excitement and determination in their eyes. They were serious, they were going to keep their employees safe by winning a friendly competition. What a great idea, and we cannot argue with the results.

Congratulations to Monarch Industries for an incredible start to their risk reduction journey! We are so happy to have the opportunity to work together with you on this endeavour.

If you are interested in how WESguard can help you to reduce risk at your facility, contact us today!



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