Monday, February 23, 2015

Are Your Electrical Disconnect Hazardous?


When we inspect equipment, one of the things we always check is the presence and state of the electrical disconnect.  Mainly, we look at:

1.       Does the machine have one?  Is it labelled as such? Is it accessible? If this is the main point of shutoff for electrical energy, it’s important to know that, and where it is.

2.       Is it lockable in the off position only?  One of the most common but simple hazards we see in many facilities is the use of old electrical disconnects which do not facilitate a proper machine lockout procedure. Some of the very old ones are not lockable at all. This means that either the machine is not being locked out during cleaning, set up or maintenance activities or it is only being locked out by electricians at the main electrical panel. The majority of the incorrect ones that we see are designed to accept a lock, however, they are able to be locked in BOTH the “on” and “off” positions.

This one is lockable in both the on and off positions

 electrical disconnect


These are only lockable in the off position:

 electrical disconnect

electrical disconnect


Take a walk around your facility make sure all disconnects are labelled and replace any disconnects which are not lockable in the “off” position ONLY.



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