Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Machine Lockout is for Everyone

 It is rare that we come across an employer these days who does not have a machine lockout policy. The importance of machine lockout has become prevalent in the Manitoba manufacturing sector. We recognize the importance of isolating energy sources to protect our workers from unexpected movement of components or accidental start up. It is not sufficient to just shut off a machine, it is necessary to ensure that it is impossible for that electrical disconnect lockoutmachine to be started while workers are inside a hazardous area. 

However, there seems to be a trend where the lockout policy is directed towards maintenance personnel only and machine operators are not included. If your operators are responsible for any type of machine set up, tool changes or cleaning tasks, it is likely that they are accessing hazard zones and therefore are also required to perform machine lockout. Anytime someone is required to access a hazard zone or remove a guard, machine lockout is mandatory.


It is important that anyone who works on a machine is trained in general machine lockout, understands how to properly lockout and verify their own machine and has the tools available to them to perform a correct machine lockout.

If you have any questions about machine lockout or need help implementing or revising your policy, please contact us.


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