Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CSAM: The Safety Conference - February 5 & 6, 2013



CSAM ConferenceCSAM hosted another successful safety conference this year, it was a sell-out with 2175 participants. Over 100 tradeshow booths, over 20 courses, Big Daddy Tazz and great food and facilities from the Winnipeg Convention Centre all made for a very exciting couple of days. It was a great chance for us to learn new things, source new products, network and experience the thriving safety culture in Manitoba.

We took a course on "Understanding Workplace Safety & Health Enforcement" to gain more knowledge of the Manitoba system in order to better help our CSAM Bookletclients work through their improvement orders. It was a very educational course which touched on why SHO come to visit, the types of reports they can issue, how to properly respond and react, and a list of some inspection items that they generally look for during a visit.  It was interesting to note that the first item they mentioned was Safe Work Procedures. While administrative controls are lower on the hierarchy of controls, they are a crucial complement to your safeguarding plan and we always encourage our clients to ensure they have detailed and current procedures posted at their machines. A few other items on their list were documented inspections, housekeeping, your safety and health committee, PPE, fall protection, confined space, machine safeguarding, cranes & hoists, air quality and noise levels.

Thank you to Jennifer and Scott from Workplace Safety & Health for a very informative lecture.


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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Welcome to our new WEBSITE!!!



We are thrilled to announce the launch of our fabulous new website. It has been an exciting adventure.  Our goal is to provide you with a sleek and modern design that is easy and fun to navigate through and effectively helps you see how we help our clients.


Some of the features of our awesome website are:

  • Easy-to-navigate menu,
  •  Unique and exciting design with real life examples,
  • Find out more about how we provide practical solutions for all work environments,
  • Clear explanation of Our Services and Our Process,
  • Resources to help you find the information you need,
  • Links to our social media feeds,
  • Testimonials from our brand name clients, and
  • Latest News section to keep you informed about our current events and solutions-based information.


So check it out, we hope you enjoy it!

Big thanks to Heather from Modern Earth for working tirelessly to create this masterpiece.



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