Monday, December 10, 2018

Safeguarding Trends from 2018

Here are the trends we saw in safeguarding for 2018.

Proactive versus Reactive:  We often tell people when we started this business all of our work was from improvement orders or incidents at facilities.  We are very proud to say that has swung to a more balanced number.  People are working on identifying hazards and risk before a near miss or worse an incident occurs.  Perhaps its people understanding that the cost of an incident is much more than the claim.

How can you be proactive?  Start with educating your workers on hazards and risks.

Improved Risk Assessments:  They are improving as more and more people get involved.  Having more people involved with risk assessments can often be viewed as a negative, as the time taken looks to be increaded.  But with a continued focus on doing good risk assessments and working the hierarchy of controls from the top, companies are seeing stronger and stronger solutions.

How can you improve your risk assessments? Make sure you look at all non-routine tasks for hazards and risks that don't happen everyday.

Strengthening of Machine Programs: With the Safe Work Certified program, people are realizing that having a strong program can be financially rewarding.  A structured program is easier to sustain and continuously improve.  With a baseline established that meets the regulatory requirements.

How can you strengthen your machine program?  Start with risk assessments for each major piece of equipment.

Looking forward to 2019!


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