Monday, August 28, 2017

Critical Item: Third Party Access


We often consider the operator when reviewing the hazards on a machine, but it is important that we do not forget about potential third parties. Third party access is the second critical item we look at when we are performing a baseline audit in WESguard (, our machine safety assessment tool.  What does it mean, and why are we looking at it?  Third parties can often access the same hazards as an operator, however not all safeguarding controls are designed to protect third parties.

Here are some things to consider when considering third party access:

  1. What types of activities might third parties be performing in the area and how close could they be coming to the machine in question. They might be brining material to the machine, working on a nearby process or just walking down an aisle.
  2. What are the hazards might they be exposed to with each activity? They might be coming in close contact to the front of the machine, sides of the machine or rear of the machine. It is important to consider all angles.
  3. What could cause a worker to be exposed to these hazards during these activities?  Would it be reaching too far, an accidental activation of the equipment or simply the machine is located directly along a main aisle.

With this information, you are starting the process of the risk assessment.  Why do you need to do this work?  This comprehensive list will allow us to determine if there are current controls for each of these hazards.  The scoring of the hazards will also allow us to determine if these controls are adequate for the risk, or do we need higher level proposed controls.


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